New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio again calls for ‘shelter in place,’ even though he can’t make the order

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio went on “Morning Joe” on Friday to call for a drastic measure to combat the coronavirus outbreak he doesn’t have the authority to make.

“We have to go to a shelter-in-place model,” he told the hosts on MSNBC.

Earlier this week, de Blasio told New Yorkers that they should prepare for a shelter-in-place order within 48 hours.

De Blasio’s comments were quickly rebuked by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office, and again later by the governor himself in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Cuomo has been adamant that a multistate or, preferably, federal order to shelter in place would be far more effective to keep people from crossing state lines to avoid it.

On “Morning Joe” Friday, de Blasio painted a dire picture of the city’s preparedness for COVID-19.

“We don’t have masks, we don’t have ventilators … at the beginning of April we will run out of basic medical supplies,” the mayor said.

He also lambasted the Trump administration’s response. “The federal government basically doesn’t exist at this moment,” he said.

De Blasio praised California’s “stay at home” model for sheltering in place and tried to end on a sober but optimistic note on the urgency for more drastic action.

“80% of those who contract this illness will have symptoms similar to cold or flu. They will last it out, they will have no lasting impact,” de Blasio said. “But the 20% with preexisting conditions … some of those folks will be in grave danger if we cannot provide them sufficient care.